EZClip is a small weld plate-positioning clip that provides flush embed plate installation designed to allow maximum bolt and plate surface-to-grout contact in the wall cavity, grout consolidation and wall strength. The clips are self-adjusting and aligning to fit most block wall and plate thickness and sizes. Clips install in seconds, reducing labor costs. Because clips and embed plates are installed as work progresses, no follow up work is required. Blowouts are eliminated. The front of the clip can be easily removed after grouting. Compact and lightweight, they can be conveniently kept in supply bags and at work stations.

For years as a mason, I have struggled with embed plate installation. Flush mounted weld plates are a particular problem. With EZclips, we now have a simple, effective way to position and hold weld plates for grouting.

Ray Holt, Mason - 33 years

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