As engineers, we are frequently required to provided fix details for embed plates due to a blow-out, insufficient grout consolidation around the anchors, etc. The EZclip provides an effective method for securing embed plates, eliminating the need for fix details. The EZclip also ensures the embed plate is flush with the face of the wall, providing better grout consideration around the anchors and increasing strength.

Justin Nadauld, Ron Reaveley - Reaveley Engineers & Associates, inc.

For years as a mason, I have struggled with embed plate installation. Flush mounted weld plates are a particular problem. With EZclips, we now have a simple, effective way to position and hold weld plates for grouting.

Ray Holt - Mason, 33 years

Since we started using EZclips, we have experienced real gains in productivity. The man-hours required to set plates, the cost and mess of adhesive or epoxy and clean up after blown plates during grouting are reduced or totally eliminated.

Gary Buxton - General Masonry Contractor, 35 years